Автор работы: Панова И.Л - учитель 

МБОУ "СОШ №14 пос.Подъяпольское"

Шкотовского р-на, Приморского края


While sport has value in everyone's life, it is even more important in the life of a person with a disability. This is because of the rehabilitative influence sport can have not only on the physical body but also on rehabilitating people with a disability into society. Furthermore, sport teaches independence.

  Nowadays, people with a disability participate in high performance as well as in competitive and recreational sport. The most important event for disabled sportsmen is the Paralympics.

  The number of people with disabilities involved in sport and physical recreation is steadily increasing around the world. The paralympians give the great example to follow.

Let's learn some facts about these extraordinary Games and brave, strong-willed people.